Notices & Centre Rules

Cheques: Must be made out to Caravan Club West Wales Centre only and not to the Rally Marshal under any circumstances.

Rally Fees:  Rally fees will be £2.50 inc. VAT. This charge covers the costs of normal weekend activities. The charge for rallies lasting longer than 2 days (for additional flags, etc. which take place will be payable to the Marshal on arrival). Holiday Rallies  rally fee are £4.00 inc. VAT per weekend.

Liability: All persons attending caravan club functions, which include social events, organised by the West Wales Centre, do so at their own risk.

Responsibility: No responsibility for persons or property is accepted by the organisers or Centre Committees.

Rally Reports: Marshals, please send a rally report and any accompanying pictures by email to the Centre Webmaster.

Fires: No fires are allowed on the rally field at any time. This is a Caravan & Motorhome Club rule. This includes fire pits, etc.

Speed Limit: Please remember the speed limit on the rally field is 5mph. On entering the rally field, select 1st gear and be aware of your surroundings. Also, remember to pass this information on to any rally visitors you are expecting. 

Rally Books: The Centre Secretary holds all the current handbooks from all UK Centres. Please contact Wendy Hope, Club Secretary. These are available for reference only.

Generators: Please only use generators for a maximum of 4hrs between 10am & 6pm in the months of May to September and 10am to 8pm in the months of October to April to avoid annoying neighbouring pitches. Never leave your generator running unattended at any time.

Parents:  you are responsible for your own children. Please ensure your children know how to respect other peoples property and the property of the landowner’s. Do not leave children unattended in your caravan at any time. No ball games or kite flying near the caravans at any time (as per CaMC rules).

Rally Marshal: The Rally Marshal is fully responsible for running the rally.

Prices: All prices quoted are subject to change at any time.

Drones:  The rules regarding drones on rallies has been changed to align itself with the Club site rule. Unfortunately, due to new legislation and possible issues with insurance, the Club believes that drones should no longer be allowed on a rally without permission from Head Office.

Non-member Guests: Non-member guests of members may visit the rally and are the responsibility of the member who invited them, e.g. for any breach of the Club’s codes of behaviour and conduct. Guests are not allowed to visit in their own outfit. If staying overnight, they must stay in the host member’s outfit. The only dispensation is for tents, in addition to pup and trailer tents, which are permitted on rallies over 5 days. This will allow relatives and friends of the Club members, who camp, but not caravan or motorhome, to accompany them on longer rallies. Any non-member attending such rallies will continue to be the responsibility of the Club member who invited them. Therefore, the Club member must also be attending the rally over the same dates as the non-member. Consequently, rally bookings by non-member campers should be made by the Club member in accordance with GLCs, Sect 3, Para 35. The pitch spacing and rally site layout requirements continue to be as detailed in GLCs, Sect 3, Paras 38, 40 and Annex D. Centres organising social events with entertainment as part of such rallies should also take into account any licensing requirements that might arise from attendance by non-members, in accordance with GLCs, Sect 3, Para 62, which would cease to make it a private event and may require a Temporary Events Notice (TEN). GLC’s – General Letters to Centres (CaMC) 

CaMC Centre Rules can be found here.

Bye-Laws Affecting the Centre

The number of committee members shall be six.

Ladies, Teenage and Sports sub-committees shall be formed within the centre.

The retiring Chairperson shall be an ex-officio member of the committee for one year after retiring from office.

Nominations for Chairperson and Vice Chairperson shall only be accepted from members who have had at least one year’s experience on the committee.

CaMC Bye-Laws can be found here.