General Notes for Rally-goers

The West Wales Centre comprises part of The City & County of Swansea, the Swansea Valley and the Gower.

For the information of new Members, Rallies normally take the form of social weekend gatherings of caravanners/motorhomers and all West Wales Centre Members are cordially invited to attend any of them. Special attractions and items of interest or entertainment are arranged on weekends and further details can be found on the Rallies Page.

Rally Marshal: The Rally Marshal is fully responsible for running the rally.

Health & Safety: The West Wales Centre is totally committed to safe practice and shall endeavour to establish and maintain safe environments suitable for caravanning at all times.

Emergency Equipment: Every caravan should be equipped with a first aid kit and fire extinguisher – as per Caravan & Motorhome Club Recommendations.

Fire Safety: Open fires are not allowed on the rally field at any time. This is a Caravan & Motorhome Club rule and includes fire pits, etc. Chinese lanterns are also not allowed on the rally field. Approval for the use of barbecues, gas lights and gas heaters rests with the rally officer. They should be sited well away from outfits and raised off the ground to avoid fire risk and damage to the grass. It is recommended that all outfits carry a suitable British Standards (BS) approved fire extinguisher. Centres may have their own means of extinguishing fires in which case the equipment should be serviced accordingly. Those rallying should be familiar with the correct use of the equipment.

First Aid: There is no requirement for Centres to have a first aid qualified person on a rally; however, it is advisable for ralliers to have their own in-date first aid kit. It is also recommended that rally officers maintain a list of useful local telephone numbers for use in the event of an emergency, e.g. local doctor, vet, and are also able to advise members of the exact location of such service providers, including directions to the nearest hospital.

Rally Bookings: for rallies must be completed and forwarded to the appropriate Rally Marshal Not Later than 5 days before the rally. If for whatever reason you have to cancel your booking, please contact the Marshal as soon as possible.

Booked Rallies: Members who book rallies and subsequently do not attend will be held responsible for all expenses incurred on their behalf.

Cancelled Rallies: In the event of a rally being cancelled, only those Members who have booked will be notified, and at the same time informed of any alternative arrangements.

Social & Special Events: Where these have been organised by the Rally Marshal at extra expense, it is hoped that Members will support by paying an extra charge which will be indicated on the letter of welcome or listed under “Information” on the Rally Programme page of the website.

Deposits for Rallies, Rally Events or other Functions deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Rallies Commence at 5pm on Fridays (unless stated otherwise on the website) and Members should not arrive before this time *. Rallies normally conclude at approx. 5pm on Sundays (unless otherwise advised by the Marshal) and Members should not embarrass the Marshal by seeking to prolong their stay.
( * Members wishing to arrive prior to 5pm MUST obtain permission from the
respective Rally Marshal.)

Rally Sign-posting: Look out for WWCC signs when approaching the rally Site area. On arrival, you must report to the Rally Marshal and await pitching instructions.

Driving: Only persons possessing a full driving licence are permitted to drive motor vehicles on the Rally Site. Drivers should select 1st gear and MUST NOT exceed 5 mph. Anyone not complying with this strict speed limit will be asked to leave the Rally Field. During wet periods, to avoid damage to the site, Members are asked to avoid any unnecessary driving. If driving is absolutely necessary, please seek advise from the Rally Marshal.

Safety Note: Children should not help to push towing vehicles or caravans.

Accepting A Tow: Members accepting a tow from any vehicle, do so at their own risk. A contribution towards towing costs would be appreciated.

Breakdowns: If you break down on your way to, or from, a Rally, display your RED TRIANGLE. This will indicate to other Rally-goers on route that you require assistance.

Site Pitching: After checking in, outfits will be sited in positions indicated by the Rally Marshal or Assistants. A minimum of 36ft / 11mtrs between caravan faces is a requirement (as in Siting Plan).

Sloping Sites: As many of the Rally Sites are slightly sloping, it is recommended that levelling blocks are carried at all times.

Health & Hygiene: For everyone’s safety, toilets, or any parts of the toilet, MUST NOT be washed at the drinking water tap.

Drinking Water: Mains water will nearly always be available from a tap on site. This is ONLY to be used for filling drinking water containers.

Sanitation: Every caravan must provide its own toilet. Disposal facilities (usually Elsan Point) will be provided for emptying chemical toilets. Do not empty waste water into toilet disposal points.

Rubbish: Come prepared to take your rubbish home. Rubbish must not be put into the chemical disposal point. On departure, please ensure your pitch is left clean and tidy.

Children: Parents are responsible for the safety and well being of their own children. Please ensure your children know how to respect other peoples property and the property of the landowner’s. Do not leave children unattended in your caravan at any time.

Dogs: Must be kept under control at all times and, when not in the caravan, kept on a lead at all times (max. 6ft /1.8m). They must be exercised around the Rally field perimeter or designated Dog Walk and always well away from caravans. All dog fouling should be cleaned up and disposed of safely.

Cycling: is only permitted on roadways and not between caravans. When not in use, and especially overnight, cycles should be parked at the “A” frame of the caravan, and not left lying on the ground.

Tents: Only bona fide toilet tents and single, two person pup tents may be erected inside an awning, or within the designated area reserved for an awning, preferably surrounded by a windbreak (see Siting Plan).

Noise: Must be kept to a reasonable level at all times, but to the absolute minimum between 11.30pm and 8am. Please spare a thought for your fellow Rally-goers. Generators, Radios & Televisions, etc, Must not be used to the annoyance / inconvenience of other Rally-goers and site users. Generators must not be left unattended whilst in operation and can be used for a maximum of 4 hours per day, 10am to 6pm between May & September and 10am to 8pm between October and

Dangerous Toys, Catapults, Guns, etc: are not permitted on the Rally Site. Ball games and kite flying must only take place well away from any caravans.

Drones:  Due to new legislation and possible issues with insurance, drones are no longer allowed on a rally without permission from CaMC Head Office.

Late Arrivals: If you anticipate arriving after 10pm on the opening night of the Rally, please inform the Rally Marshal as soon as possible. Late Arrivals (i.e after 10pm) should site themselves at a spot (N.B. Leaving the entrance unblocked), and the following morning report promptly to the Rally Marshal for pitching instructions.

Visitors: If you invite visitors to the Rally Site, they must report to the Rally Marshal on arrival, they will be shown the whereabouts of your caravan and be advised of the strict 5mph speed limit.

Sub Letting or Lending of Caravans/Motorhomes: Is NOT allowed at WWCC rallies. However, holders of joint Family Caravan & Motorhome Club Membership Cards may occupy the caravan when the member is not present.

Non-member Guests: Non-member guests of members may visit the rally and are the responsibility of the member who invited them, e.g. for any breach of the Club’s codes of behaviour and conduct. Guests are not allowed to visit in their own outfit. If staying overnight, they must stay in the host member’s outfit. The only dispensation is for tents, in addition to pup and trailer tents, which are permitted on rallies over 5 days. This will allow relatives and friends of the Club members, who camp, but not caravan or motorhome, to accompany them on longer rallies. Any non-member attending such rallies will continue to be the responsibility of the Club member who invited them. Therefore, the Club member must also be attending the rally over the same dates as the non-member. Consequently, rally bookings by non-member campers should be made by the Club member.